Washer and Dryer Removals: We Can Do It!

Ready to upgrade to new, high-efficiency appliances? Tossing the old washer and dryer as part of a home renovation? Did your old school washer finally clunk out on you?  No matter the reason, at Richmond Junk Removal we can quickly and efficiently remove these appliances without any hassle. To prepare for a removal and streamline the process of washer and dryer removal further, however, it is helpful to be aware of a few important details.

Larger Models May Require Disassembly

Richmond Junk Removal has cleanly and efficiently removed a wide array of different washing and drying appliances, including stackable units and smaller models. While we’ll remove pretty much anything for you, bear in mind that larger and more complicated machines will require us to disassemble them prior to removal by skilled team members capable of performing heavy lifting duties. This enables us to carefully remove them even from basements without damaging property.

Prepping Washer Units for Removal

The first thing we suggest is that you disconnect the washer from the water source prior to pickup. Also, many of our clients experience their machine failing mid-cycle, leaving it full of water. Several of those who enlist our removal services are kind enough to bail out sitting water beforehand, enabling us to carry the machine away without unwanted dripping or spillage throughout your home. This is recommended and highly appreciated as not only does it prevent messes from occurring, but it also protects our staff from slipping or losing their grip on wet machines. There isn’t a need to sponge dry your washer, of course, but it is safest and most suitable if we can avoid spilling water and be able to carry out a clean and quick removal job for you.

We Remove from Anywhere in Your Home

Is your cumbersome dryer sitting in the basement? Or do you have an unwanted and broken-down washer in a top-floor laundry room? Well, we have good news for you — we’ll come in and remove it from anywhere in your home. Unlike other junking or disposal companies, we don’t ask that you haul such a bulky and heavy appliance to the curb. We cannot disconnect the washer from the water source. We can unplug, but cannot do electrical or plumbing work. If it is disconnected and prepped for removal (no clothes inside, and a dry exterior), we’d be happy to do the haul it away.

At Richmond Junk Removal, we believe in doing things responsibly and professionally, with no job being too big or small. If you need a washer or dryer removed from your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can save $20 on same-day service, and we ensure your items are responsibly donated and recycled whenever possible. Junking your appliances has never been so clean, quick, and efficient – book an appointment now!

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