Experts in Computer Recycling

Richmond Junk Removal are experts with computer recycling in Richmond and surrounding areas. Computers are chock full of recyclable materials that are separated in the recycling process and reduced down to their single components before being diverted to the manufacturing business. Computers house gold, silver, zinc, coppers, iron, lead, aluminium and more precious metals that can be extracted and separated using a really cool process.

Let Richmond Junk Removal recycle your old computer in a safe and eco-friendly fashion! Computers consist of many recyclable material such as plastics, aluminum, iron and other metals that can be taken out and reused. They also contain toxic chemicals like mercury, arsenic and cadmium that can be released into the soil, water and atmosphere if not disposed of properly. When you use Richmond Junk Removal, we guarantee that your computers will be recycled and disposed of in the most environmentally safe way, so you won’t have to worry about leaving a negative impact on the planet!
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