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Moving and preparing to sell a home can be a stressful time for many. At Richmond Junk Removal we provide efficient, hassle-free junk pick-up service to help make every real estate transaction a smooth one. We’ll haul away your unwanted furniture, appliances and any other items you don’t want to take with you to your new home. We have helped many of our clients with their junk removal for real estate agents. Whether you are a real estate agent or not, Richmond Junk Removal can assist you clear out the clutter!


Preparing a home before a listing is one of the most important steps during the process. Studies have shown that homes, where an owner has removed items and de-cluttered, have more visual appeal and, in turn, higher resale values. Potential buyers must be able to envision their own space in the home and this is much easier if the space is clutter-free.  Our friendly, uniformed staff will quickly remove any items in your client’s home and they clean up after themselves so you won’t even know they were there! Removing the bulk of the items will ensure a profitable sale.


Everyone’s got junk. Whether it is in the basement, attic, garage or backyard, the last thing clients want to do is move those unwanted items to their new location.

A large percentage of our valued customers utilize our service to help reduce the stress of the move and ensure a junk-free home for the next owner.


It is very common for occupants to find themselves moving into a new location where several items have been left behind. By contacting Richmond Junk Removal, the items can be quickly removed at a very competitive rate so you have the space for all of your belongings!

Remember, Richmond Junk Removal is an eco-friendly company, so many of your items will be recycled or reused in the company’s continued effort to minimize the impact on landfills.
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