Scrap Car Pickup

junk car
Owners of older vehicles will eventually have to find a way to dispose of their car at the end of its lifespan. If your car won’t pass emissions or if your car is rusting in your driveway you’ll need to review your options to see what works best for getting rid of your scrap vehicle.


Posting an ad on a local online directory such as is a great way to get the most money back. If you are willing to wait for the best offer to come in, posting online is a good option.


For those who need cash fast and due to time constraints cannot wait for the best price, trading your car at a used car dealership or scrap metal yard is your fastest route. If you are comfortable haggling, this option will suit you best. If your car is not road safe and you cannot transport it to the facility yourself, some scrap metal yards will tow it pro-bono but there is no financial return – just the convenience of getting rid of the old car quickly.
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