Rubbish Removal


The crew over at Richmond Junk Removal is happy to remove anything from anywhere in your home or office! There are times when the garbage truck simply can’t take everything you have, and it’s not uncommon for residents’ rubbish to pile up. Richmond Junk Removal offers an easy alternative to any rubbish removal needs, so if you’re having trouble disposing of everything you have, give us a call or book online and let us help you out!

Have lots of rubbish that you think can be donated or recycled? Awesome! Our trained team of friendly professionals know exactly what sorts of items can be donated or recycled. Show them what you have and they’ll be happy to find an organization in need of it.


Our professional crew will provide you with a 15 minute courtesy call prior to their arrival within your reserved 2 hour arrival window. After welcoming our friendly team, simply point to the rubbish you need hauled away and we’ll give you an all-inclusive price. Give us the thumbs up and we’ll get started right away. We even sweep up residual debris at no extra fee! On top of providing excellent service since 2009, Richmond Junk Removal has been freeing up space in your homes and the local landfill through donating and recycling initiatives.
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Service Area: Richmond, BC and Steveston

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