We Offer FURNITURE REMOVAL Services in Richmond BC!

Richmond Junk Removal offers full service furniture removal for residential and commercial customers across the metropolitan Richmond and surrounding areas. Whether it is a large sofa bed in the basement, or a king-size bed on a 15th floor high rise, Richmond Junk Removal takes care of all hauling, loading, and disposal of your furniture items so you don’t have too.  Our teams are professional and efficient in furniture removal so your large furniture pieces are removed safely without damaging your home or business.  We take extra care with all of our customers to offer a furniture removal service that you can rely on and trust.


  •  Are you downsizing from a larger home to a smaller location and won’t have the space for all of your furniture?
  •  Are you are a property manager that has been left with a pile of old furniture from a previous tenant?
  • Are you giving your home a fresh new look with new furniture pieces?
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 Dressers and Armories
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 China Cabinets
 Entertainment Centers

At Richmond Junk Removal, we believe that not all junk is trash.  So we will do our best to keep every piece of furniture we collect out of our local landfills.  Richmond Junk Removal donates all usable furniture to local charities including Habitat for Humanity, Value Village, and local churches, where the furniture will be reused by someone who needs it.  If we are unable to donate the items, as a green company dedicated to our environment, we will have the items brought to our local recycling facility where they will be recycle into something new!

Our full service furniture removal is just one more way Richmond Junk Removal is taking a positive approach to supporting the environment!

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